Build your blog / website faster

Be part of the new generation of CMS

Built using serverless & HUGO static site generator.

This project would not be possible without some of the best opensource technologies

  • Hugo
  • Vue JS
  • Goldfish Vault-UI
  • Go-Git

Use cases

For the website developpers that wants to use HUGO or a low cost hosting solution unlike traditionnal wordpress hosting. That want to use git, but not everyone else in the business know how to use it.

For content editors, don't you want a stable system and easy to use interface that just works? Low latency, that doesn't hang every so often when you click save?

Perfect for bloggers who are always on the go. Don't you prefer to write content while you are in the airplane instead of updating it while partially enjoying your meal at your next dream destination ?

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ACenterA's GoHugo implementation

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Hosted Version - Beta

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