This Post is mainly for developers, and is meant to provide the first few commands if you would like to launch this local CMS / Blogging system.

The first step is to create a Fork of the “Sample” website located at :

The second step, once you have your own “Fork”, download the binary for the proper platform from our hompage.

As a third step, you would have to clone “recursively” your newly created fork. 

With that fork cloned, you should have few submodules including the  “admin” UI submodule

The Admin Release UI is located at : and should be part of the “admin” submodule folder

Once everything is setup you would simply have to launch the acentera’s implementation of hugo binary by simply adding an –enableApi=true flag, ie using the following flags:

./acentera-hugo serve –bind –forceSyncStatic –destination public –buildDrafts –buildFuture –enableApi=true –watch

You should be able to access the Admin UI by opening your browser to http://localhost:8081/admin/ url

Feel free to join our gitter channel or send us questions via support at

Help us build the next generation of CMS.