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Our CMS also have an online version where you can simply create a new website from our template and start
adding / editing content right away. If you dont feel like reading the entire post, you may create an account using the following URL:

Note: The CMS and hosting solution is in Beta mode at the moment.


We have automated the workflow of creating a Static Site using GoHugo, and without any need for you to worry about hosting. It is compatible with git if you ever want to start working on your website on your own computer. We have built all automation tools required to make static website development one of the best experience.

This is still in beta mode, but depending on how fast and big we grow our system is meant to be kept almost free of charge, if we can. We have optimized the each of our process and use the power of serverless computing, spot instances, etc in order to keep our costs the lowest possible so you can benefits of it.

Also, as part of our hosting solution you get to have a preview website. When you create a new “Branch”, or on a new “PR” the preview websites gets created, and if you take the “Preview Code” from your website in the CMS Admin UI and share this to specific people, they would be able to preview your changes allowing you to focus only on building the next awesome website for your client.

Some of the other features we have built, is automation with LetsEncrypt allowing you to get your own SSL Certificate and HTTP/2. We are working on adding an Assets Hash in order to allow better caching solution, currently there is an issue if you would be updating the same CSS file, we are aware of it and this is also why this is in beta right now :).

Give it a try and let us know what you think via our Gitter, or support at acentera.com email.

Help us build the next generation of CMS.